Wednesday, November 14, 2012

My 2012 Christmas List

Ladies 2012 has flown by, it’s already Christmas season, my favorite time of the year. I know it sounds so cliché but I enjoy making a Christmas list each year. I still have my Christmas list from 12 years ago; the number one thing I wanted was a spices girl Barbie doll!

Now that I’m 22 years old,  my Christmas list has gotten less complex. Overall I wish for sanity and the ability to live comfortable for another year, however I do have a few materialistic items I’m hoping Santa will bring me this year.

1 Fossil Stella Stainless Steel Watch $135
I know you all have seen this watch in a previous post & usually if I don’t buy something as soon as I see it, I won’t buy it. But this watch is still giving me MY LIFE. It’s beautiful and plus I don’t own any big face watches. Big face watches on women tell me that this women is a boss, she know what she likes and she knows how to get what she wants. I am really hoping and praying Santa will be good and get me this watch this year.

2 Juicy Couture Princess Studs $48
Anyone who truly knows me knows that I love stud earrings. Too me they speak volumes of class and elegance. While I was on the juicy couture website, these earrings stuck out like a sore thumb. I have never worn a pair of earrings of pink and gold. Me being brown skin, I know this will look lovely on my skin tone. If no one purchases these for me, I will be making my way to Dillard’s myself.

3 Clarisonic Mia 2 Sonic Skin Cleanser Center $149
This item I tried to resist from buying. But I used my friends one day and I instantly fell in love, my skin was so soft and it seemed like my pores were even smaller after the very first use. Now I did try to go the cheaper route by buying a facial brush from the body shop, yes, it works but it’s definitely no comparison to the clarisonic brush.

4 Vixon Over The Knee Black Boots
For years I always thought I was too young to wear over the knee boots, they screamed sex and seduction in my eyes. But now that I am older, I have to have a pair. Whenever I go clubbing, I’m always wishing I had a pair of black over the knee boots to pair with my leggings.

5 Victoria Secret Bombshell Bra $65
I know, I know, “ashley your boobs are already huge” however I love me a push up bra, you will never catch my 38DD sagging! This pretty self-explanatory, but I really want this bra for Christmas.

6. Michael Kors Large Bedford Saffiano
This bag I believe was sent from heaven above waiting to be swung from my wrist. Red accessories are such a statement piece and I cannot wait to pair this purse with an all-black ensemble from my closet.

This list pretty much sums up the things I really want for Christmas. I would love to hear of some things you’re wishing for Christmas

P.S I almost missed todays post, today was extremely busy and all I want to do right now is fall asleep in my bed, but I LOVE MY BLOG AND I LOVE YOU ALL and I don’t want to disappoint any of you all. SO thank you guys for being the motivation I need to continue on writing daily!

Goodnight and love you all!